e-Thermodynamics Joint Industrial Project - 2019 to 2021

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Electrolyte thermodynamics (EleTher) is known to be one of the key challenges for industrial developments.

The EleTher consortium aims at becoming a community of practice in the area of electrolytes modeling, with the following objectives / deliverables :

  • To create an industrial community for promoting research and developments on complex mixtures that include electrolytes
  • To investigate methodologies for evaluating data quality (consistency analysis) and for extrapolation whenever possible for orienting future experimental works
  • To deliver best practice guidelines  for electrolytes thermodynamic modeling (industrial model parameterization) for process engineering. This may include the evaluation of the effect of uncertainties on units design.


Electrolyte Thermodynamics combines three difficult challenges:

  • A model must be applicable in a large range of concentrations, temperatures and sometimes pressures
  • Chemical reaction often occur simultaneously, thus requiring formation properties that are often unknown
  • A multiphase reactive flash algorithm must be used, which is rarely available in commercial tools